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eyelet curtains

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Eyelet Curtains

If you have metal curtain poles in mind, then the perfect curtain type to choose is eyelet curtains. The holes for the eyelet rings are punched through the fabric, allowing the pole to be fed through. This enables the curtain to smoothly glide open and effortlessly close.

We also offer bespoke services such as borders, pelmets, bobbles, matching cushions and many more options to give you a truly unique finish.

Eyelet curtains use metal rounds on the lid to dangle the curtain. We can use metal or wooden curtain poles to fasten the curtains through the metal rings. Easy installation and efficient management over the curtain are the highlights of these curtains.


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Eyelet Curtains Description

Curtains always suit modern and classy interiors. For a minimalist and stylish look, Eyelet window Curtains in a plain fabric will perfectly complement a window. These never fail to look beautiful in any place. If you are thinking of buying Eyelet Curtain but not getting any idea which one to purchase then call us, our courteous customer support helps you in the selection of the right curtain. Eyelet Curtains will suit the living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. The most important thing to consider is that the curtains should complement the room interior.

Eyelet curtains are a stylish choice for conventional creased curtains and deliver a practical solution to dangle your curtains. Eyelet curtains have metal-tingled eyelets at the top of the curtain, through which you can knit your metal or wooden curtain pole.

Eyelet curtains are excellent for all spaces in your home. Bring a tinge of classiness with modern eyelet curtains. Eyelet Curtains to Intrigue the Eyes. Hang the curtains to assure solitude. Curtains alter your interior drastically with various shades and layouts. Interior rooms require these furnishing entities to conceal your solitude and regulate light. Eyelet curtains are the present-day choices to creased curtains that were famous in the olden days. Comfortable to use, hanging eyelet curtains add splendor to your residences.


All About the Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains is simply about being able to create the design to your taste by selecting from all kinds of styling touches. Our curtains are very stylish as they are known to create a dramatic feature of a window and thanks to the fabric’s deep folds function which uniformly run in lines from top to bottom. They always hang to a pole threaded through the metal ring.


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