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Foam Majlis

CurtainsWorlds furnishes you with the excessive and sumptuous style of the Arabian Kings. It upgrades the regular excellence of the Arabian style furniture home inside or outside besides (the nursery, the pool, the game room) CurtainsWorlds gives a long period of solidness and solidarity to the furnishings. We give you Arabian furniture includes that are enduring and tough with brilliant restricting. And all seats and couches are embellished with rich pads for additional solace and backing. Rainbow provides you with a confirmation of comfort, warmth and style.

Our modern designs and lively patterns of Arabic majlis let you achieve a mesmerizing and elegant interior look for creating a welcoming space to receive guests at home.


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We are a leading UAE majlis manufacturer, which has created a range of majlis for different event styles and which thousands of people in the UAE themselves love. If any outsider sees it erected, it may get confused that it is a tent and not space. Our Arabic style majlis today is widespread, and people from elsewhere have started using CurtainsWorlds.

Check out CurtainsWorlds for our Arab majlis because we’ve sold the best type of goods, whether it’s color, style, or height. If you live in UAE, then. Our company specializes in the development of impressive majlis in the Arabian style for its customers around the UAE and the Middle East. Its theme enhances the natural beauty of Arabic-style furnishings.

In Dubai, one of the critical online Majlis Company, such as CurtainsWorlds, is the best way to purchase Arabic Majlis. Their suppliers will position orders worldwide from your web. They cost less and have much better quality and better prices than their other local colleagues. You will also benefit from a relaxed mind knowing that your majlis is managed and supplied by an experienced Majlis design Services provider who will deliver each order

Araibic Majalis Description

GMF provides you with the extravagant and luxurious decor of the Arabian Kings. It enhances the natural beauty of the Arabian style furniture home interior or exterior for that matter (the garden, the pool, the game room). GMF provides a lifetime of durability and strength to the furniture. We provide you with Arabian furniture features that are long lasting and durable with excellent binding. And all chairs and sofas are adorned with plush cushions for extra comfort and support. Rainbow gives you an assurance of coziness, warmth and style. We guarantee every aspect of our craftsmanship. Wherever you live we’ve got it covered! Our Sales Consultants bring our expert service direct to you at home or the office. With unrivalled success in UAE. You can now experience our expert in-home consultation. Relax in comfort as our team brings our entire range to you. Browse our stunning collections of all fabrics at your leisure, whilst your personal sales advisor takes the measurements. Our advisor will take the time to understand exactly what you need and provide expert advice and ideas to help you find the perfect product for your home.


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