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Vertical blinds

Our vertical window Blinds are absolutely worth going for in many ways. The foremost plus point of these vogue and versatile blinds is that they make the ceilings appear much higher than before and this eventually adds to the spaciousness of the room. In addition to that, our quality blinds let in just the perfect amount of natural light and air and therefore contribute well to temperature optimization, similar to the choice of Roller Window Blinds. Moreover, these blinds are extremely convenient and inexpensive to take care of, as well.

As standard, the control is with cord and ball chain, but for a child safety solution, we recommend the vertical blind to be operated with a wand.


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Vertical blinds Description

They are highly durable in nature and can be widely considered for a number of different areas, in order to achieve amazing aesthetics and endless functionality. Moreover, you can use vertical these blinds for effective room darkening too, and they also provide you with complete control over incoming light, like the slatted structures of Venetian Window Blinds.

Our Vertical Blinds are one of the most versatile and flexible window blinds as they are designed to adjust in any size, shape and they can complement any interior décor be it residential or commercial. The functionality of our vertical blinds is also a unique selling point as it allows you to completely move the vanes out of your way and also offer you a mechanism where you can tilt or adjust vanes to allow light filtration or completely block it. With our wide range of patterns, textures and colours to choose from, there’s always something to match the needs your home or office windows.

All About the Vertical blinds

Wall Curtains has got you the entire spectrum of Vertical Blinds Dubai addition, which means you can get all the essentials of this incredible window treatment at one stop, and with the most incomparable excellence. Our services are not just the most proficient, but also really timeless, which is to say that you keep on benefiting from the worthwhile outcomes for years straight. Over and above, our blinds installation services are ideally pocket-friendly and cost-effective at the same time, and you can expect the best upgrade of your places with it. So do request your free quote on our affordable blind fitting, fixing and styling services and transform your surroundings like never before!


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